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SystemWare-Pacific is the sole Authorised Distributor for AccuFACE in the Australasian and Oceanic regions. AccuFACE® is a biometric, embedded facial recognition system designed for Access Control, Time and Attendance and User Authentication applications and authenticates users in less than 1 second. Powered by near Infrared Facial Recognition technology AccuFACE® has superior accuracy, speed and reliability over other facial recognition systems in differing light and working conditions.

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Scenario Planning & information Tool (SPiT)









Simulated communications are a necessary part of providing training and other force multipliers on the modern Electronic Battlefield. Creating and conducting realistic scenarios with strong, efficient and positive training outcomes are typically labour intensive. Communications deception scripts, for Electronic Warfare use, and other outcomes usually demand vast experience and planning.

SWPAC’s "Scenario Planning & information Tool" (SPiT) is an easy to use software package, which saves time and money by simplifying the compilation of simple or complex transmission scenarios. These can then be transmitted across a network of devices directly via SPiT when connected. The system also provides powerful tools for importing, annotating and transcribing raw media including recorded intercepted audio the user may already possess.

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